About Sexual Addiction

Understanding the problem can help sex addicts and partners alike come to an understanding of the root causes of sex addiction, whether there is hope for recovery, and to obtain freedom from feelings of guilt and/or false guilt (eg. when a partner blames her/himself for the sexual conduct of their significant other (family member or friend). The following are selected readings on sex addiction that we highly recommend:

Recommended Readings

out of thr shadows

Out of the Shadows: Understanding Sexual Addiction

The introductory book on sex addiction in easily understood terms. A must read for sex addicts, partners, family and friends of sex addicts.
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dont call it love

Don't Call it Love: Recovery from Sexual Addiction

This companion volume to Out of the Shadows provides addicts, friends and family of addicts, a deeper understanding of sexual addiction, it's causes, and, most especially, the difficult path to recovery.
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hope and recovery

Hope and Recovery: A 12-Step Guide for Healing From Compulsive Sexual Behavior

One of the first books to comprehensively describe the application of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous to sexual addiction.
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women sex

Women, sex, and addiction: a search for love and power

About women sex addicts and women who hook up with sex addicts.
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Online Resources

There are numerous resources available on the Internet on sexual addiction. There are several criteria that we apply in the selection of a recommended site. Among these include reputation of the institution or author, accuracy/validity of the website content, whether the information is up to date, and, the applicability of the content. The following is a small sample of selected online resources on sex addiction that we can recommend as a starting point or gateway to other resources.



Probably the most comprehensive site on sex addiction on the Internet today. This site was created by noted psychologist and author, Dr. Patrick Carnes, to help those affected by sexual addiction and compulsivity, whether it be the addict or the friend or loved one of the addict. Includes extensive Reading lists; lists of 12-Step Programs, Clinics & Treatment Centers; Research Databases, Specialty Resources and Publishers.
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Sex Addiction: A Special Section of Healthy Mind

This Special Issue of HealthyMind.com provides an excellent overview of sex addiction including different sections on What Is Sex Addiction?, Starting the Journey of Recovery ("Getting Started & Making Progress"), Support Groups, Useful Links (ie. to additional recovery websites and resources), as well as a section on Professional Treatment Services. While the latter is exclusively American in content, OHIP frequently does cover health service costs for health services that are unavailable in Ontario.
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