About Us

Sex Addiction - London, Ontario

Who We Are

We are a coalition of sex and relationship addiction 12-step recovery groups in London and Southwestern Ontario. Our coalition "COSARG" consists of groups with affiliations with Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA), Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA), and a Christian Men's Group.

Our primary purpose is to carry the message of recovery to the sex and/or relationship addict that wants to stop their acting out behavior or behaviors. We know what it's like to carry the shame of this addiction and not even know that there is a safe place to turn for help. Our groups (valuing anonymity above all else) offer a safe place without judgement where we share openly and honestly the truth about where we are at. We obtain the support that we need, and, we work the 12-step program of recovery to break the cycle of addiction. While there are many different kinds of "acting out" behaviors, there is no-one "above" or "below" in our groups. Without exception, we are all accepted equally in our groups.

Who We Are Not

We are not a professional organization and our meetings do not provide a setting for individual or group counselling or therapy. Neither are we a referral and/or a crisis intervention service (if you are feeling suicidal, please call the Mental Health Crisis Service at 519-433-2023 immediately).


Our sole purpose is to help and support each other (as equals) with the common goal in mind of achieving sustainable long-term sobriety. If you are feeling a sense of hopelessness and/or desperation (often accompanied with depression) please know that there is genuine hope, that sobriety is possible. If you question whether you even belong, please read the section on "How do I Know Whether I am a Sex Addict or Not ?". If you are ready to reach out, or, if you feel you may qualify but still have questions, please call us on our "Helpline". We help each other that way.

Meetings & Times

In order to protect the anonymity of all members of our groups, we do not reveal locations of our meetings until a newcomer has first contacted our Helpline at 519-435-6486. This also allows for the Helpline responder to refer the caller to the group that best meets his/her needs. To find out more about what happens when you contact our Helpline, click here.

Each of our 12-Step groups meets once a week as follows.

Monday - New Day SAA

New Day SAA

Mondays 1:45 - 3:15 pm

New Day SAA is open to both men and women. Both sexual and relationship addictions are discussed at New Day SAA. New Day SAA is an official SAA group (Sex Addicts Anonymous), and, as such, the literature focus is on recovery from sexual addiction. A comprehensive description of the SAA 12-step program of recovery is available on SAA's parental organizational site.

Tuesday - SLAA


Tuesdays 7:00 - 8:30 pm

Tuesday SLAA is open to men only. Being an official SLAA (Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous) group, the literature focus is on both sex and love/relationship addictions. A comprehensive description of the SLAA 12-step program of recovery is available on SLAA's parental organizational site.

Thursday - Christian Men's Group

Christian Men's Group

Thursdays 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Jesus Christ offers men freedom, complete freedom, from the bondage of sexual acting out behaviors. Regardless of what our gender orientation or specific sexual acting out behavior(s) may be, the Christian Men's Group (CMG) offers a safe place without judgment where men can share openly and honestly our struggles, temptations and victories. As iron sharpens iron, (CMG) provides accountability and support structures for men to attain and maintain lives of sexual purity and integrity. Christians and non-Christians are welcome to attend.

CMG believes the 12-Steps of A.A. compliment the Word of God as found in the Holy Bible. CMG reads the 12-Steps of A.A. at each meeting and encourages members to work the 12-Steps of A.A.

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