For Women

While sexual addiction is most common amongst men, this is not always the case. More common amongst women are addictions to real or fantasy-based relationships (eg. affairs, chat lines, codependency, multiple relationships, etc.). It is also not uncommon for a woman (or man) to experience both sexual and relationship addictions. Relationship type addictions can be equally if not more devastating in their consequences since they involve deep matters of the heart.

Currently only one of our groups holds mixed meetings that are open to both men and women (and that is the Monday Group). At this meeting, both men and women are free to discuss all forms of relationship and/or sexual addictions. However, only people genuinely seeking recovery are allowed to attend meetings. We strictly enforce the policy that our meetings are NOT a place to "meet someone". For more detailed descriptions of our groups please click here.

Attempts are currently being made to form a women's only group. If you are interested in participating in a women's group, please call our Helpline at 519-435-6486. Please do call if you are struggling. We need each other and we can support each other in a safe place without judgement.

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